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I love games.  Of course I do, I'm a man in my early 30s and grew up with a spectrum 48k and NES in the house.  Of course, growing older (not up, there's a clear distinction), becoming a father, having a full time job and , yes , writing, means games come pretty far down my do do list.  I still try to fit in one when I can, usually an adventure type game with some action, so in theory Bioshock was the perfect game for me.


But here's the thing; I can't play it.


It's there, on my harddrive, sitting at about 90 minutes played and I can't go any further. 


Don't get me wrong, it's awesome.  The setting is perfect and the mood just right.  A little too right.


Here's another admission;  scary games scare the **** out of me.  Even films don't have the same ffect a good game will.  I think it's the whole total immersion a great game offers that a film and evena  book can't offer, that I'm the one doing the controlling.


Bioshock just cut a little too deep, and the wife wouldn't let me sleep with the lights on. 


But Infinite looks just right.  It may as well be called Bioshock Porridge as far as I'm concerned.  It's noce and bright and out in the open, with what looks like just enough spook to make it interesting.  This could possibly be the one game game I buy this year.

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I saw this game advertised and want to play it, but it's on Playstation and we have an Xbox. :(

Oh SWEET! I thought it was just for Playstation. That's what the t.v ad said. Nice! Thanks for the link!

You're most welcome.

The vibe is the game is awesome and, more importantly for me at least, the setting and atmosphere are spot on.  It's just a shame I don't have time to play it right now :(

I know what you mean about being so immersed in a game. CofD MW did that to me too. 

I love the Bioshock series, but I really didn't like the ending to Infinite. Plus I really prefer the underwater setting of Rapture. 


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