Heya, maybe this is the wrong place to mention it, but I noticed a little bug on blog editing. There picture I originally posted to my blog here was copied from my blogger post and the quality was poor, so I uploaded a new one and did another fix. Now it says I have three new blog posts on the 'activity' ticker, when in fact it's only one blog post and I just did minor edits twice.

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It's just the way the system lets me know that the blog needs to be re-approved. It would be nice if it would automatically approve edits to an already approved initial post, but there you are. Not to worry. I don't mind re-approving. :)
Ahh, okay. I suppose otherwise we could craft a blog entry and later edit it to some hate speech or something. There's not much point in approving blogs at all if you don't approve edits.
LOL! Well, like I said, I don't mind if you don't. :)


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