I've begun work on a book trailer.  Mine is a familiar problem; funding.  I'd like to find an artist who wants to showcase some simple artwork.  I'd like some still panels, a slideshow to tell my tale in pictures, synchronized to music.  Any suggestions?


Adventures Above the Aether. A new Steampunk novel this fall.

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Well, first off, you might want to talk to the person who put your cover together, I can easily see 8-10 seconds of animation either rotating the globe or watching the sun passing behind the planet.


After that, you might want to have a look at the artists in the Artist's Union here (or even over on the Steampunk Empire) and look for pieces that match what you are looking for. Contact the artists and see if they would be willing to license existing work at a price you can afford.


Other than that your best bet might be to commission something. Schematics and blueprints might work well for images, and would not take long to work up. (It usually takes me an hour or so to crank out something like that.) Character pieces obviously take longer. There are also a few comic artists here that might be able to help you without breaking the bank.


If you're looking for free artwork, afraid I'm not much help there.


Best of luck.

Yes, check out the pics on my page. If you like them i can put you on to him.

I've just commissioned him to do a book cover for me.

Wendy xx

I made my own trailer using Adobe After Effects, photographs, and Poser. Not too difficult. You can check it out in My Videos section of my page. Cheers

Thanks, I'm working on acquiring some art; the only thing I draw is flies.


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