I have search from one end of the internet to the other and I still cannot find a description of the Model E steam powered car. There are limitless descriptions of how steam powered cars work, but nearly nothing on what they look like. At least nothing I can find.  And I know nothing about cars in general so describing one for my novel will be difficult.

The best I could find was this


This could be a good resource for future members (though I would imagine very few), who like me cant tell a steam powered car from rocket powered turtle.

Please Im desperate.

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I guess you need to know how the engine looked like inside the car, well, sometimes describing the function of every part of the engine does the woork, you dont need to describe the shape and the color of every part of the enginge.


you have already the picture of the car, the driver's side and even the boiler (which seems is the most important part of the engine).. the other components of a steam engine are actually very standard and you can adapt them into the description of how the car works.


here is an easy and friendly guide of how steam engines work


 another pic I think it could resemble the model e engine more closely


you can describe by funcition instead of describing by form.



.. in other words, you can describe the car engine by detailing how it works, (you already have the picture of the car itself) and let the reader do  the rest


Those are good resources and I will use them, but I meant the car itself. Im pretty much set on how steam engines work.


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