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No idea what this topic was suppose to be commenting on but....

I intend to write Steampunk where everything involving the Steampunk world relies on common sense, as to what could be accomplished technologically speaking, in the Victorian era. Or any pre-modern era where science was limited. So certain Steam powered machines exist, you could feasibly have Steam powered limbs. But no computers, or airships (which would never get off the ground), etc.

But that's for the Steampunkers in the world. The same rules don't have to apply to say an extraterrestrial race, which has come to visit a Steampunk world.

Basically what I'm getting at, is that a Steampunk reality should be at least somewhat feasible.



Xeno, I'm still curious... what is your definition of AIRSHIP... I understand that you don't think they're plausible, but I'm not sure what you mean by the term... we may have differing defnitions

Like a giant steel structure, or heavy wooden vessel, that type of flying ship. Not familiar with the history of helium filled Zeppelins. I would imagine they knew of some similar substance in the 18Th century. But yeah, that kind of airship.

Though I guess it all depends on how much "fiction" you want in your "science."

Not that I have anything against someone having a steel framed flying fortress in their Steampunk story. Its just not for me.



I guess that's where I don't understand... airships aren't fiction...

i can see not using airships because they're not part of the world you want to write in... but to say they couldn't exist is strange to me...

even if you weren't going to allow for the slight shift into the 20th century from the 19th... wild jumps and leaps in science happened in the 19th century... the rate of imagination, inspiration and exploration was only speeding up... and I guess an airship carrying more than 7000 lbs of bombs at a speed of 70mph with a scant crew of 20 would seem like a fantastical creation even now... but the German's did use it to bomb England...


I guess it comes down to what feels real in your world...

It might prove interesting to read some books in that avenue... you mentioned sticking to 'plausible aspects of technology' and I'm all for that (if you're not venturing into fantasy) however you might consider looking up the history of the science for the era... it may prove enlightening


I have in fact. Perhaps I should mention that I was referring to a Victorian era setting, so while there were certainly jumps in technology at that time, it would have taken a massive bunny leap to have that type of flying platform. Certainly they could exist (those types we are referring to), there is no denying that, but there is an overwhelming denial that such a ship would ever get off the ground.

But as you said it all comes down to what your writing-accurate science or fanciful speculation.


last reply, just because, i've reached the end...

the first zeppelin went up in 1900

Victorian Era began with her reign 20 June 1837 and continued until her death 22 January 1901

it's not that much of a jump to see it in the era...

when did i say fanciful speculation? please don't attribute comments to me that I didn't make...

I'm not sure what you mean by flying platform either... but I'm not going to get into that... i hope you enjoy writing steampunk...



I will.......


With no airships, or flying platforms for that matter ;)

well Xeno, remember that, before everything, Steampunk is a branch/style of Science Fiction (and even Fantasy)... so it is completely fair to have technological marvels who are way ahead of time.. look at modern science fiction, Back to the future 2 is a good example.. it is a great story with fascinating technology but I highly doubt we are going to have flying cars or skateboards by the year 2015... yet the flying Delorean will remain iconic past that year (look at the works of Jules Verne for another example, landing on the moon and submarines in the 19th century)...

a science fiction reader will be eager to allow suspention of disbelief if the story is compelling enough.


Lets say.. a story about a Medieval Inquisitor (and I'm talking year 1200) who is searching for an order of "Mages" but in reality they are nothing but advanced scientists who created an airship.. (being they traveled back on time or were helped by aliens or they made a pact with a demon or they just happened to be very very intelligent as to forsee helium and hydrogen are ligher than air)... make the story compelling and convincing enough and the public will enjoy it.

remember, its science fiction.



No doubt

I love airships. to me, ever since I was little. Seeing them inspires somthing that modern jets and airplanes don't. To me it inspires more than visions of victorian england. Speculative fiction didn't have rules that restrained the likes of Jules Vern, and Orwell, neither will I be bridled

awesome... I also posted a pic of the first zep..


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