Hi, everyone!

I had a big question. How do you market your books? I've just got my first full length steampunk novel done and I want to put together a plan.

So far, I am planning to run a small kickstarter campaign for some advertising funds. The question will be what to do with those funds?

I'd love to hear what you do and what your ideas are.

I do have a completed book trailer, but in the interest of being sincere here, I won't post it. Message me if you would like the link

Thank you!

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Hi Deb, good luck! Hope to see your book out soon! What country are you in? You could try advertising in Sci fi/Steampunk mags, stores etc - make a good poster or postcard with your funds and put it around, but probably a media campaign would be best, if you could find an angle that would get a newspaper interested - which could relate to a current 'hot topic' in your area. Go you!

Hi Nicky, I am in the US.

Thanks for your ideas, I will definitely put them into my strategy. There is a small steampunk group in town, which I gave them access to free copies.

Have you tried submitting your book to publishers? From the author's perspective, it's easiest to let a publisher take care of the marketing side of things (apart from the usual author stuff like book signings, readings, blogging, etc.).

I've thought of that and I have spoken with some publishers and some of my friends who have been published and the author has to do all the marketing themselves unless they are an already established name.

It depends on the publisher, of course, but generally any reputable commercial publisher will send out review copies, send catalogues to libraries etc., and make some effort to get you interviewed and so on. SF publishers may promote your book at events like SF conventions, too. The bigger the publisher, the more likely they'll have a decent promotion budget, since they'll want to earn back through sales the advance they give you.

Deb, I'm interested in seeing your book trailer. I've had ideas for a trailer but never gathered the courage to create it. As for marketing, I attend conventions, maintain a social media presence as best I can, and reach out to those similarly challenged by obscurity. I've not looked into Kickstarter for my funds. I use what money I can raise with my income. I've begun working with visual artists to commission cover art. We share rights to the images, so he sells prints while I use it in advertising. I do what I can to mention his art and he mentions my works at his appearances.

Hoping this helps,



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