Question? Writing a story via blogging, Good idea or bad?

I am working on writing a steampunk story, and was thinking of writing it via blog... what do all of you think?  I dont ask for $ for my stories, just them to be enjoyed.

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Back ground: it is  steampunk/weird west/post-apocalyptic  story set in 2113 and told through the voice of the main character, Wryn.

If your story is placed in the future, is this not technically foreground?

A blog would seem to be a very sensible way to place your story online if you are not looking for financial gain. However, I would suggest that you check on who owns the rights to use material posted in you blog. Some hosts claim the right to use any material posted for whatever purposes they wish.  Be sure that you retain all rights to the material you publish there. It is one thing to provide free reading material. It is another to give up ownership of your story.

May you have many happy readers and have fun.


I am going to post on blogger, I have a small flowing already, and old friends dying for me to share stories...

Are you planning on publishing it in the future? I had a friend who put chapters of his story up on his blog. He got great feedback from his friends, but when he published it himself, he found out someone had been copying posts and pirated his book. 

Mr. Tyler is on the button about this. If you want to pursue a Traditional publishing contract, you're best to keep it off your blog, as you are 'giving it away for free'. They frown on that.

If you're looking for feedback on how to strengthen and improve your work, might I suggest online writing sites? There are a couple that I know of, that could be of use to you. One is a paid membership, but very good and boast a wonderful alumni of published authors. The other is free yet just as good. 


John Hartness of the Bubba the Monster Chronicles has several short works on his blog, and runs a continual promotion of one free story a week.  He has enough to run one a week for 90 days...a dozen stories. That might be a good prmootional thing for you to do. He uses the short stories to promote his novels.

John Hartness - Bubba the Monster Hunter

Good thought.  I dont have time right now to write a full novel, so these are like short store/logs of one of the main characters, Wryn, thus leaving alot of room for the future, but getting the world and characters out there.


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