Rather catchy title, but I'm curious as to what everyone thinks. I have a series floating around in my head, and I'm seriously thinking of including some very steamy scenes. I know people say 'who cares what others think,' but after I read a review of SOULLESS and the reviewer didn't care for the steamy scenes (not that it was all that steamy, no pun intended) , I began having second thoughts.

What do you think of sexy scenes in Steampunk?


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Good afternoon, kind Sir, and the pleasure is mine.

I know I shouldn't fuss over this, especially after watching a vlog post on what Steampunk could be (good and bad of the Victorian era), I more excited than ever about my series. When people hear the word Steampunk, they think wild inventions, Victorian clothing and tea. I hope they won't mind an occasional excursion into the bedroom.   

Thank you for your advice.  I've saved that blog link. I'm thinking of reposting it in the FB Steampunk group I started. :) 

I don't see a problem with it at all. In fact, I hear-tell there's a whole sub-subgenre with erotic overtones called Steamypunk. Ellora's Cave and such publishers have begun publishing some. I say, if that's where your story wants to go, give it a shot. :)

I've heard of Ellora's Cave and was thinking about submitting to them when I have the first book done, and I have a few Steamypunk anthologies on my Kobo.  

For me, it completely depends on the characters.  Some of them want to tell me all about what they do in the bedroom with as much enthusiasm as they want to talk about airships or table manners, and some very firmly slam the door on me.

I'd say that if the series shows up in your head at that level of heat, write it at that level of heat - don't deprive the readers who love steamy scenes for the sake of those who don't. :)

Thanks Ankaret! Yes, it popped into my mind that steamy, especially after I read an article that stated 40% of first born children in the Victorian era were born out of wedlock. There were a lot of people having quite a bit of fun back then. :D

I write erotica.

So, steampunk erotica is really amazing to me. I wrote S & M: Sex and Machinery last year I think as sort trial to see if I could write the genre I loved reading so much.

I still have a ways to go, but I'm finding it easier.

I can play more, I FORGET that. It's fun. I forget that.

That's a good point. I think that's at the heart of all Steampunk; to be able to play and have fun. :)

Thanks for you input!

Some readers will appreciate sex with their steam and some will not. You cannot please everyone, nor should you try to do so. Write what comes naturally to you and to your characters. Sex should occur only when it is a natural continuation of the plot, circumstances and personalities of those involved.

The bigger issues are doing it well, providing appropriate levels of description and using the scene properly. Remember that sex is a highly charged activity that has the potential for both emotional triumph and disaster. As such, it is a potentially dangerous theme that should be handled with care and prudence rather than prudery.

I know, and I shouldn't be so concerned. This isn't the first story I've written and I can handle criticism, I just needed more input on the subject to make sure I wasn't angering the masses. 

I've written erotica before, and sold it, plus I have many friends who write it and can beta for me, so it's good there. I agree with it having to be done not only right, but organic. Trust me, this will be. :)

Thank you for your input.  

I am not certain that it needs to be organic. Considering the genre, clockwork or steam powered would seem to be  entirely appropriate. And an airship should be involved somewhere.

LOL! I'm sorry, I should have been more specific. I meant the erotica had to feel organic; as in not forced. :D Oh, I plan on having airships.   


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