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My new book, Lady Mechatronic and the Steampunk Pirates, is out now at Devine Destinies, an imprint of Extasy books. It's a mash-up of Steampunk and the 'shiver me timbers' style of pirate. So I thought an interesting subject for discussion would be: Do you approve of mash-ups, or do you prefer your steampunk to be pure and unsullied?



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Oh, thank you for the kind words on my style. I'm now blushing...

You've also put your finger on something that has worried me a little, in that the steampunk element is a little lacking in the excerpt, but I also fear it is lacking to a certain extent in the book also.

Put simply, I had to curtail the story to keep it at a nice, short length, so much of the crew's power comes at the very end and is only further devloped in book two. Admitttedly, Lady Mechatronic embodies steampunk, (I hope) but even so...

In fact, I was so worried, I have written a grovelling apology on the matter which will appear at Steamed! a week on Thursday...

I loved the excerpt! And I don't feel that every steampunk book has to have airships and goggles every other page. In fact, my book has nary an airship in it.


Bella, I'm definitely going to buy your book.


Thank you, that's great! Where can I find your book?

I have no doubt your beautiful writing and the wonderful idea will carry the day. I often love books that bring me hungry to the next title in the series. I just came back from dinner where I shared your synopsis with my wife whom is also an avid reader and we both agreed we wanted to read it.
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed at having got such a warm response from you all; and it's lovely that you and your wife can share a passion in such a way. I must crack on and get the final edits finished on the sequel...

Here it is in Kindle - the last few days you can get the entire trilogy in one go, as my print edition is the first two volumes of the book only.





I wanted to add that you should check out Kevin's art on his  blog and website, Bella, if you haven't seen it already. His work really blew me away when I first met him here - so much so that I featured it in a blog.



That looks fantastic, but is it avilable in a pdf to download direct to a PC? I don't have a Kindle, I can't afford one at the moment. I have looked at the publisher's website direct, but I'm not sure of the formats... silly as it sounds for an e-author, I really do not understand technology... It is slightly embarrassing to admit that. And I shall Google Kevin right now.

On Kindle you can download free software to enable reading a book on your PC. That link should be right there on my book's page.


Why don't you download it and the free chapters of my book, to see if it works for you? If it doesn't, I'd be happy to send you a pdf, if you like. 


I was wondering about your book - when I buy it from your publisher's site, I can choose the platform I want to read it on - is that right?


And enjoy Kevin's art! Here's the link to the blog post I wrote about him: http://alisondeluca.blogspot.com/2011/08/mowrers-steampunk-frankens... 


I ran into him here on another thread, and I was just blown away. I'm certain I'll feel the same way about your book.

I didn't know you could do that! I thought all things Kindle revolved around the handset... see what you miss when you're a techological idiot?? Thanks for the info, and the pdf offer. I'm off to work shortly but I'll have a look when I get back and see if I can download onto the laptop.


I believe you can specifiy the platform, but again, being a Luddite, I'm not at all certain of the platforms. Certainly the publisher release onto Kindle format, so they must be mult-media-minded, if that is a word.


I found Kevin's art and was incredibly impressed; I wish I had talent like that.

"A Luddite" - love it!  


I"m going to go in and try ordering the book. How do you like your publishing group, if you don't mind my asking? My publisher is just getting off the ground, and I'm eager to compare notes with other authors. 

I  now have a Kindle on my PC, and your opening chapter appeared; it's witchcraft, I tell you, witchcraft! I look forward to reading it, and I'm sure I'll soon be buying the whole work. I hope you have luck with mine; give a shout of you don't, and I'll let the publisher know of any issues.

I don't have much to compare with, I'm afraid, publisher-wise. I've worked with 3 now, and Extasy/Devine Destinies have a very good editorial team, who consult with the authors over any changes, and they have a good promotional department also, but it is pure luck if your book is picked by the review sites for a spot.

So, I have no complaints at all, but again, I have little to compare them with, so I can't give a definitive answer. What do you think of yours so far?


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