After a successful Kickstarter campaign this Spring, I am visiting London to create a travel ezine for people interested in Victoriana and Steampunk. I am looking for any ideas of places I should visit while I am here. This is what I have planned so far:

Victoria and Albert Museum

Longitude Punk'd at the Greenwich Observatory

Constantinople to Cairo at the Queen's Gallery

Sherlock Holmes Museum

Bromley Museum (H.G. Wells and Charles Darwin were born here)

Kew Bridge Steam Museum

Piccadilly Market

Jack the Ripper Tour (and if you have a recommendation for one in particular, as there are many)

Abney Park cemetery

Big Ben and beautiful bridges

But I'd love to hear your suggestions!


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Some obvious possibilities would include:

1. Science Museum, South Kensington (difference engine replica)

2. Natural History Museum (the Victorian interior has unfortunately been ruined, but the amazing science-themed Gothic decorations remain)

3. The British Museum and its former Reading Room (visited be every Victorian time-traveller to the far future for melancholy effect; also HQ for the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen)

4. War-of-the-Worlds sites in Woking: (Horsell Common and the Tripod statue)


Norman Redington

I was over there two weeks ago and caught a fraction of the Longitude Punk'd exhibition at the Greenwich Observatory. Unfortunately I arrived too late in the day and they were closing shortly. From what I saw, it is brilliant. 

Also, you cannot beat a visit to the Science Museum. The steam engines and exhibits of turn-of-the- century scientific apparatus are not to be missed. The British Museum with the Rosetta Stone and Egyptian artifacts. The tour of the mechanical workings of Tower Bridge. Covent Garden.  High tea in Harrods or any tea house in the area. Plus everything you listed. I hope you have plenty of time. It get to London three to four times a year and never tire of it.


Henry Walton aka Thaddeaus Shockpocket


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