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I started my Steampunk site, ForWhomTheGearTurns.com, last fall and it has been an amazing ride so far! I found out about Steampunk and neo-Victoriana a few years ago, but in hindsight I think I've always loved the aesthetic, I just didn't have a name for it. 

I have degrees in Anthropology and Museums Studies, so I see my site as a living digital museum that I get to curate. There are a lot of people out there who try to police what is "really" Steampunk, but my interests lie creating the most far-reaching and inclusive definition. 

So far I have been writing about books, both classic and contemporary, movies & tv, fashion, fine arts, arts & crafts and performing arts, and I hope to branch into gaming and history more as I go along. I am currently in the UK on a research trip to create a Steampunk travelogue zine called Steam Tour: An American Steampunk in London. The ezine will be available to purchase in December, but in the mean time you can follow along on my blog and get a lot (though not all) of the content in smaller bites before the main course comes out as a PDF. 

You can check out the video I made for my successful Kickstarter campaign below.

I am also an artist who loves to use mixed media to create Steampunk and Victorian inspired pieces like clocks and shadow boxes. Here are a few examples:

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