As a Texan I wanted to add some neat things about a Texas setting for Westernpunk: 

a Texan, Jacob Brodbeck, who built and flew the first airplane in history. He called it a flying machine. The first take off occurred in 1866 in Gillespie County, Texas. It ran off a  powerful clockwork motor and a series of gears. It built up power for take off by gliding down a hill. He could fly for three or four minutes under power, then glide to a landing. 

Another fantastic piece of Texas history is the alien ufo crash that took place in Aurora Texas in 1897.  A ufo plowed though a windmill and destroyed it and a spaceman was found inside it and given a Christian burial. Someone stole the alien’s tombstone but the state of Texas put up a historical marker at the cemetery, which says, “This site is also well known because of the legend that a spaceship crashed nearby in 1897 and the pilot , killed in the crash was buried here.”

Also you may know that Texas was it’s on country for a while with it’s own President and it’s own money. 

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Awesome story :D  both of them!!!

It's hard to go wrong with Texas history and all its quirks. I grew up just outside of Ft. Worth and have started focusing my writing on Texas during the 1920's (more or less).

I've never been to Aurora though, I'll have to visit!

Hi David,

When you mentioned a story set in the 1920's in Texas - this pic I took at Comicpalooza in Houston came to mind.  So I wanted to share it with you. 

Ha! I have a character who would love the hat for sure.


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