The Halsteadarian: Goldansilver War web series

Halsteadarian: Rapture, is set during the first 500 years of Halstead's history after it had been removed from the world.

The story follows the Halsteadarian and Colne as they jump through time seeking out the lost pages of the Machine book.

This project will be a web series with 6 episodes lasting 5 mins each.

The Halsteadarian: Rapture, is to replace the making of a Halsteadarian feature film, due to budget etc. Details below.

Here's the teaser for the cancelled Halsteadarian feature film.

Instead elements from this feature have been used in the construction of the web series Rapture.
The Halsteadarian: GoldanSilver Wars

'The war with heaven had taken its toll on Halstead Town....Angels littered the streets.'

This film was to explain the origins by taking the audience back to when Halstead Town had a world beyond its walls.

But this is as far as the feature went,
But fear not,
Instead the Director has started working on a new Halsteadarian project, that will be a web based series.

Follow the forum for up to date news

The teaser starred

Emma Holdcroft as Colne
Gareth Morgan as Mr Thare
Carla Bolstridge as Captain Valeria
Kitty Shaw as the voice of Sophia Welling

Colnes costume was created by Erica Pickles

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