I'm just getting into the throws of Steampunk (I had no idea how much I loved it!) and have created my very first piece: Mercury's Wings (see  lisastewart-MW-Postcard.jpg,). It's comprised of both a handcrafted leather handbag with print/web collateral that is also illustrated and designed by me. It would make an awesome artifact in Warehouse 13. ;)

My Web site (lisa-stewart.com) features my art on leather (see lisastewart-BilbaoBP-web1.jpg,) as well as other personal treasures -but they're all for the straights (thank you Steampunk Bible for that reference). Now that I know there is a world that will accept my fantastical aspirations and plan to create more pieces, I have a question for marketing gurus and geeks: Do you think I should create a separate Web site dedicated to steampunk?

I have created a list of collections on my Web site for folks to find series of works (CalligraphyPets, Bacchus Motif, INKLines, etc) and wondered if creating a steampunk series would be acceptable or just push it to a new site? 

Thanks for your consideration.

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pros and cons for both...


 are you planning on different domains?

if you do... don't forget to link back and forth..

 if you mix together... folks that might not know about steampunk or may not know it's 'name' might also like your steampunk items just because of the way it looks... without understanding the genre... :D

it also depends on how many things you have.. if you only have a few steampunk items to start with.. it might be good to combine everything.. and later split if it gets to be its own monster...

and later split if it gets to be its own monster...

Funny! And true. :)

I can't exactly say that my work will lead others toward steampunk, but I can try. I'm finding the customers are very myopic when it comes to 'what is presented on the site' by an artist. I guess they have this personal mantra that artists aren't supposed deviate or have a bit of fun on the side. I had 4 unsubscribes to my newsletter when I presented Mercury's Wings. That stung.

When I do create the monster (may be sooner rather than later), I will definitely remember to cross-pollinate the work.

Thanks for your help.


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