Hello, I'm Loreli. I am new to the concept of steampunk writing though I have spent a long time following the genre. I started writing fantasy when I was younger but only recently started writing steampunk.

My friends and I started with just having costume ideas and that turned into needing a unified purpose for us. So we created an airship crew. This turned into a 'why are these characters this way?' kind of thing and BAM.. I started writing. 

I hope to get some feedback about my stories, once I figure out how to post some bits. My friends want to encourage me to publish, but I lack the confidence at the moment. I'm having so much fun just writing and loving it when a quirky habit becomes explained or a character just clicks into place. 

Thank you for the add to the group! 

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Welcome Loreli,

Sounds like you and your friends have a great time together. I wonder if you wore your group outfit for a cosplay event? If so, how did you all do?

Regarding publishing, you have lots of options available from giving it away on a blog, personal web-site, like a free wix account, or through wattpad or smashwords. Or you could sell it on Amazon as a kindle book, Amazon Createspace for a hard copy, or smashwords. They are all free to publish on, although they all will take a percentage of your profits.

If you get your manuscript in tip top shape and qualify it for "premium" status on smashwords, then they will distribute to other retailers for you like Barnes and Noble and Apple. B&N have announced they are dividing their stores from Nook this week. So the next year will be a trial for their Nook store to survive. Both smashwords and Amazon have e-pub books you can download for free that will step you through the process. You may want to join author forums as well, and glean information from their archives. KDP for Amazon is quite good, if you can wade through SPAM occasionally.

I wish you luck in your journey and hope to be reading one of your books soon! Good Luck!

Cheers! -Renee


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