Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk game designer Liz Spain.

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Airship Ambassador interview with steampunk game designer Liz Spain, part 2

Airship Ambassador interview with Liz Span, conclusion

Mr. Steil,

This is Leslie Orton of online Steampunk newspaper The Aether Chronicle. I was wondering if you would care to have your interview with Liz Spain featured in my newspaper? I think the subject matter is such fun, and publishing your piece in The Chronicle would provide you with additional exposure, because my newspaper is featured monthly on two Steampunk websites. If you would like to peruse past editions of The Chronicle to get the lay of the land, simply visit My Page. I post new blogs for each edition, but I also keep a Discussion updated with each new edition. Right now The Aether Chronicle #14 is in its title!

Let me know if you're interested,

Leslie Orton

Hi Leslie,

thanks for asking, and yes, that would be fine to include the interview with Liz in the next issue of the Aether Chronicle, as long as links to the original posts are included, too.

Have a great day!



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