Hi, just thought I'd drop in and say hello. My name's Gavin and I'm on the lookout for SF and Fantasy writers, particularly in things like Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Clockpunk, Slipstream and other under-represented genres. I work for Wattpad as part of the the Content team and we really need some good writers to join the site. I also write SF, Steampunk, Fantasy and Horror, which is another reason I'm desperate to get more on there: I like reading too. To give you a bit of background...

I started on Wattpad as a rank amateur (very rank in some cases), and got so involved in the site and writing that I ended up getting a few short stories published, and subsequently joined the team in quick succession. Now while I appreciate that this sounds like the old Remington advert – I loved it so much, I bought the company! – the site does have a lot to offer writers of any level, but particularly those who have the skills to write a good story.


The goal of writers, to be exposed to readers (there are 12 million of them) who devour their every word, who hang on every crafted sentence, and heap praise on them every time they produce a new piece of work.

Exposure and feedback.

Even better. And that’s something that I’ve had constantly since I joined the site some two and a half years ago. That feedback has enabled me to go from someone guilty of serious comma abuse (I trained as an engineer, we tend to do stuff in bullet points) to a published writer, although I'm happy to admit that I still have a fair bit to learn.

So, at this point people are probably thinking What Pad? What the heck is he on about? How can it benefit me? or maybe even “I’m not a beginner, I’m already published…”

… and this is where exposure comes in again. Some of the writers on Wattpad have logged millions of reads on their work. Quite a few have logged tens of millions; that’s serious exposure. I myself have logged 1.7 million on one of my works and that’s on an historical fiction novel, which is not perhaps the most popular genre at the moment. It doesn’t stop there though, as some writers as young as 18 have been picked up by the likes of Simon & Schuster and HarperCollins for six figure sums. Yes, those are the success stories, but there have been more.

Wattpaders don’t just use the website, they use mobile devices too. The App is massively popular. Over 80% of Wattpadders use the site through their mobiles and read on the move. No books, no paper, just the small phone or similar mobile device that is glued to virtually every person in modern society. That's a lot of readers. The site has a great community element and is quite social, but that doesn’t detract from the fact that people like Cory Doctorow, David Moody, Margaret Atwood and Paulo Cuelho are active members who see and understand the value of the site and the exposure it brings. 

So, why should you join? We can help expose you to millions of readers, allowing you to connect directly with your audience to cultivate a dedicated, engaged reader base.
To that end, I've written this little piece to see if anyone's interested in joining in. If you want to talk to me about it, you can post questions here for others to see and I'll answer them, or you can contact me at gavin@wattpad.com. Cheers, Gav

Link: Access the Steampunk discussion thread on Wattpad



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You can start a conversation within the clubs and you could call it a Steampunk group if you like, that would work.


New clubs are only able to be put together by wattpad at present.

My profile is http://www.wattpad.com/user/AnitaExley

I will go storm the walls of the SF group... or can we start a steampunk one? Pretty please? :)

Hi Gwen,

I'll pass that comment on to the lady at HQ who sorted all the chicklit stuff out, she worked really very hard on it and I know she'd be chuffed to hear that people like it.


I'd love to see more steampunk on Wattpad, it's a great genre, but I don't think it'll get its own category quite yet. Never say never though. Wattpad are continually experimenting with content, hence my post here, and if it gains enough traction on there anything is possible...

Steampunk is definitely in the ascendence at the moment, there are some great books and films around. It's also good to see some of the more niche punks like Diesel and Clock going up on there too.


I'd love to see Bieber do something useful =] Who knows...

I suspect if we started a Steampunk group, we'd then have to start a Dystopian one, a Bieber one, a 'we love tomatoes' one and numerous others =]


You're more than welcome to start a steampunk chat thread in the Sf club though. Club guielines are at the top of the club.

I started a steampunk thread in the SF club, its kinda quiet at the moment, hopefully Justin B will drop by and stir things up ;)

Just seen it, seems to be going well =] 

Can you share a link to that thread here? It would be nice to have an easy overlap. I can add it to an HTML text box on the Homepage's sidebar, too.

Yes! It works perfectly! Thank you so much. :)

Not directly no, as payment is via other sites, usually Amazon or similar. I know it's something Wattpad like to talk to users about, as all information is useful.


Some Wattpadders do get a bit miffed, yes. The best way I've seen to use Wattpad to gain some traction is by offering the first book free on both Wattpad and Amazon, then have the other books as a costed item. That way, the readers get an entire book, and if they like the series enough they often go on to buy the rest. Your first book is used as the hook. Also, if you upload an entire book on Wattpad and it meets the content guidelines, being Featured can help hugely. As a comparision, my non-featured novel has around 90000 reads, my Featured one has 1.7Million. It's a good way to get exposure.


If you're going to offer up only a chapter or two, I'd suggest adding a note at the start of the book that states that so your readers are under no illusions as to what they're getting

You can include any links you like on your profile board, and also within the chapters of your book you can add in an expternal link. This works particularly well with Amazon, as if people search directly for your book, a link to Amazon should also appear.


So, if you search for my own work A Gift in the Dark via the search bar on wattpad you'll see that it comes up with a link to Amazon, and then also the book on wattpad. It's something they've recently added to the site and seems to link quite well.


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