What are you currently working on? Steampunk, Dieselpunk, Gaslight Mystery/Romance, NeoVictorian, Paranormal, alternative history?

Are you creating a world only flavored with Victorian mores and manners, or working closely with Victorian history, but subverting it?

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I'm currently working on a NeoVictorian horror piece. More details as I progress :)
i'm new to the steampunk genre in general and especially writing it so i'm still in the research and education stage... could you define neo victorian???
There's a rudimentary wikipedia page here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neo-Victorian
and a e-journal on the subject of Neo-Victorian Studies by college professors and students here: http://www.neovictorianstudies.com/ which I hope you'll find interesting. But in short, Neo-Victorianism differs from Steampunk in that it does not have to include steam technology or clockwork or technology.

Mike Bailey said:
i'm new to the steampunk genre in general and especially writing it so i'm still in the research and education stage... could you define neo victorian???
I'm writing (or trying to write) a steampunkish adventure in early 20th century Stockholm, with a Chinese connection. It's my first attempt at writing fiction, and I'm amazed by the way that the people in the story suddenly start developing their own personalities and histories. I still have some problems with the actual plot, but I'm getting there, slowly...
I'm working on a novel which is a Victorian era adventure, set in a dystopian London and more liberated Paris, in which botanical warfare and Tesla based technology unfold. Automata, clockwork and steam technology are included. Underlying it all are magical realism and philosophical concepts. (My first novel, Shaman Circus, is a magical realism novel). I can't wait to see what everyone else is working on.
The novel sprang from two short stories, "The Foxglove Broadsides," (dystopian adventure, soon to be published in the anthology, Clockwork Chaos) and "Marquette de Fleur" (botanical erotica, still in the submission process). Also working on short story, "The Orchid Collector."

Yes, when the characters start dictating the next steps in my novel, I know I'm on the right path and things usually move ahead quite quickly. I've also had the experience of a secondary character taking control, one taking over the role of protagonist (Shaman Circus) and the other taking on the role of antagonist in two different novels. Cheeky characters - gotta love 'em.
i'm to the point in my novel now where the characters have full-on conversations in my head while i'm cleaning my apartment or going for a walk.  sometimes those conversations dictate the path of my plot which is working out swimmingly.  but, it IS kind of creepy when there are that many people talking in your head.  makes me wonder...
I am working on my second novel, set in the same fictional Dark Fantasy/Steampunk setting as my first novel. I also have two short stories I am working on, both steampunk(pretty much all my work is, including my one publishing credit), and two more books in the outline stage.
And deep in the darkest recesses of my mind, I am also building a new Deiselpunk/New Weird setting.
And if pressed, I will admit to also working on a Victorian Steampunk Romance/Erotica.
I am writing a gaslight/gaslamp novel — a Victorian fantasy, I like to think of it :-) — which I have entitled Darklight.I just started the second draft, which is a little difficult for me since I have written a great number of first drafts for books — but never actually truly revised them with a serious eye. My new commitment to writing, and to this novel, is to do a good job of a second draft.
I'm in the preparation/research stage for my alternate history Steampunk novel. Current novel is just wrapping up on first draft, will start writing on the next project while revising current.

Currently working on a short story set on Mars, 1906.  The great Aether-ships have crossed the void and brought Englishmen to a dead planet, save for the self-programming "clankers" built by the long-extinct Martians.  The British Empire has fallen on Earth, bit by bit, thanks to the massive expenditures on keeping the Martian colony alive and a premature world war fought over Germany and Austria-Hungary's attempts to build aether ships of their own.  


That's the gist of the setting.  Part of a collaborative effort which, if all goes well, will be featured on Youtube as audiofiction with accompanying artwork.


Also, the ongoing short-story series about a bounty hunter from our own world in the employ of a nefarious doctor, before he double-crosses her and leaves her stranded in an alternate reality where the Czars still rule Russia.  Probably the most foul-mouthed set of stories I've ever written.  Two parts in, I don't know how much further it'll go.

One is an alternative history mixed with paranormal, fantasy, thriller/spy elements, romance, and some humor.

One is a clockwork paranormaal fantasy adventure

All are some mix of paranormal, historical, fantasy romance


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