So I joined this group because my story I'm working on is called the Zeppelin Odyssey and I was wondering, what is your favorite way to fly in the Steampunk-verse? I'd love to hear your opinions on what you think of when you think of air travel and Steampunk.  Just for fun :)




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I like this very beautiful design for a Courant d'Air glider by Yooma Mayo. It feels appropriately Japenese in its simplicity and eco-friendliness. Click the image to see more.

I'm addicted to zeppelins/rigid airships.  Have been since I was 6.  That being said, I am also a big fan of the flying ship, using sails or steam to ply the air as an alternate 'sea.'  Like 'Space 1889,' or the Last Exile.  I haven't wrote at length on either, but my next projects is going to be some sort of air-pirates themed work.

I always loved Zeppelins too, but not an expert with them. I just love how graceful they look from a ground spectator (though, maybe not when they're dropping bombs on you lol).


Air-pirates would be awesome Robot! That'd be fun to see air pirates! It's not really Steampunk but have you ever seen Stardust? I love those air-pirates :)


You should totally do it!! <3  [Sorry, I'm a motivator, hehe, but in honesty, it's a great idea!] Maybe their ship can be a steam-powered sail flying ship that's got part zeppelin to it also? Would be an interesting mesh-up!  I don't know, maybe your pirates steel parts of ship to build onto their own as needed and over time that's what the ship became hehe. Sorry, it's easy for my muse to fly off.

Ha, it does happen though.  Actually, after a little brainstorming I realized I missed a major influence, one that colors my upcoming story; the ubiquitous Captain Harlock, and "My youth in Arcadia."  Harlock, with his big flying ship, and his pirate gal, Emeraldas, in her Zeppelin-esque Queen.  Ahh, that Anime!


Not familiar with Stardust... 8/

Definitly the classical airship. In my story, the pirates (me, captain smith and the crew) are flying a small but fast airship, stolen from the queen's royal air force. This airship, once called white eagle, is now the lost truth, and is the airship the pirates will fly on in the whole book. It is built like a ship so it can land on water, but flies with huge hot-air ballons. :)

Like so many others, I love the romance of a classic airship. That said, I also love that image of the smoke-belching coal-powered flying boat that you included with your post. I am not at all certain that I would want to travel on it but as a steampunk transport it certainly makes a statement.


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