If anyone esle has published a Steampunk book direct to kindle please add your information as well.  After publishing a Steampunk/Romance, As Timeless As Stone with Lyrical Press and To Love A London Ghost with Eternal Press, I published my third Steampunk/Romance and my 14th book directly with kindle. Last year I published three prevously published Celtic/Romance books of mine that I got rights back from directly with kindle. When they introduced their knew Kindle Prime which includes five days you can offer your book for free, I decided it may be to my advantage to publish the sequel to As Timeless As Stone direct with kindle rather than submit to a publisher. I just put As Timeless As Stone on kindle on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing how it does.

Here is a link to it on kindle http://www.amazon.com/Unparallel-Adventures-Traveling-Egyptians-ebo...




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Funnily enough, I'm about to post a blog on SWAG on pretty much the same subject; all feedback appreciated...

If you have any questions about my experiences with publishing directly on Amazon  just let me know. 

I will thank you. I've just been reading the formatting/uploading guide and I am thoroughly perplexed, but I'll have another go at it later. I think getting a series of covers done is going to be the biggest problem, though.

Uploading is much easier than it looks. It's incredibly easy - the system is user friendly and basically walks you through it. Are you doing your covers yourself? I have no knowledge at that, I  had my covers done. If anyone needs covers done - look at the kindle books at Amazon  under the name Cornelia Amiri: The Scottish Selkie, The Celtic Fox, and The Celtic Vixen and under Maeve Alpin - As Timeless As Magic - if you like those covers, which I love, I'll be glad to recommend the cover artist - she is a profession cover artist as well as professorial writer and editor and her fee is very reasonable. She also makes book trailers.

Thanks for the help. Alas, the system needs to be idiot-proof where I'm concerned. I have a hate-hate relationship with anything technical.

My plan is to release a monthly series, one chapter at a time, which means I can't afford to have covers done, unless I can find volunteers who'll do it for the exposure, assuming there is any exposure, as my sales are somewhat modest to non-existent, something I'm hoping the series will rectify somewhat...

I've self published all of the Railroad! volumes on the Kindle and the first Omnibus collection will also be on Kindle. I've found it tedious but easy.

I uploaded the first chapter of my monthly ongoing series last night; the process was in itself quite easy, with only a few minor grumbles:

I found it impossible to sign up for royalties except by cheque as I don't have a US bank account, neither do I have the Swift/Iban number for my UK account.

I decided not to log into the shared kindle promotion, but then the only way I could continue was to tick that box.

I set the US price as 99 cents but it has appeared at $1.22, which I fear will be a psychological block for many; I wanted .99 for psychological reasons...

Getting a cover would have cost too much as I have no budget, but thankfully a friend volunteered to help, so she is going to be busy as she will need to create about 12 of them, one per month.


Kris and I self-pubbed The Trident of Merrow on Kindle. We also put it on Barnes and Noble's PubIt (very similar) and on Smashwords. It's worth noting that Smashwords puts it out in all available formats (though of course to get it listed on Amazon you have to go through them).

We've had limited success, mostly friend and family sales (like you'd expect) but we have gotten some likes on our Facebook page lately from people neither of us know, so that's heartening!

I published the novel 'The War For Mars' directly to Kindle. I'm not sure if I have actually sold a copy yet. Basically I put everything which I had ever completed on Kindle. On a good day i might sell a single iem. The great problem with Kindle is promotion, if you are an unknown writer.

Ms. Alpin,

My name is Leslie Orton, I am the Founder/Editor of the Steampunk newspaper The Aether Chroncile. I am not sure if you are aware, but The Aether Chronicle has a special section for new writers to submit their works for review. It's called The Aether Review of Books. I was wondering if you might be interested in submitting some of your writing for publishing in The Chronicle? The next edition of The Aether Chronicle will be published on Valentine's Day. If you would like to peruse past editions of The Chronicle, feel free to visit the link below. I keep a running Discussion updated with each new edition of The Chronicle. By "Following" this Discussion, people can effectively "Subscribe" to The Aether Chronicle for free!


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.


Leslie Orton 


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