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Dystopian Worlds: What Went Wrong?

                Shattered worlds, oppressive or brutal civilizations, these occupy the dystopian crystal ball of many science fiction tales. Often these fantasies offer an intriguing plot with an underlying message. V for Vendetta warns of a government with too much power and a people controlled by fear.
                What’s the allure? We all see small oppressions and miniature tyrannies in our daily lives. Like most fiction, these examples seep into a writer’s mind where the…

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Steampunk in Space: Why Not?

               How hard would it be to cast a crew of five into space in the year 1881? Given technology of the day; impossible. But that’s where questions beget questions and answers breathe life into an adventure.

                I grew up, thrilled by science fiction. It offered hope (in the case of Star Trek) or a warning (in most episodes of The Twilight Zone) and an exciting alternative for me, a solitary child with a mild case of Asperger’s…


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Eager to Know, Yet Scared to Ask

     Diversity, a buzzword of the times, means inclusion to me. As a child in the Midwest, inclusion was a given and discrimination never entered my mind. But to be fair, I encountered few people different than myself in the suburbs of Cincinnati, Ohio. I wrote an earlier blogpost titled 'Characters Vice Caricatures' to put forth the challenge laid upon me. One speaker at a…


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That's Right, I'm Giving Gifts for My Birthday

Goodreads Book Giveaway…


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Beauty and the Beast: a Love Story or Stockholm Syndrome

Spoiler Alert! This blog-post delves into plot points within my novel; Aether Legion

     As I wrote Aether Legion, I fell in love with a secondary character; Douglass. Initially he's merely a ruthless and violent man, the chief henchman of Tiberius Dummond. His task, to kidnap Regina Wells and bring her to…


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Genre Debate: Steampunk, Alternate History, or Simply Science Fiction?

Are these neighbors or concentric circles, with steampunk in the bulls-eye?

     First and foremost of the above I am a science fiction fan and writer. It wasn't until a conversation with a friend acquainted me with the term, steampunk, that I realized my first novel might fit within the genre. Since then I've thoroughly enjoyed …


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Rewrites: Don't Let the Red Ink Give You the Blues

When I finished my recent rough draft of Aether Legions, over ninety thousand words, I celebrated briefly. Next I sent my work to trusted writing companions to review and provide commentary on. When I say 'trusted' I mean that I value and encourage their criticisms and they've no compunctions about pointing out the flaws in my work. It's very important to have that first gut check come from trusted sparring partners. Every blow they drive home now helps me dodge the harsher, more punishing…


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Myths in Writing


Popular fiction and the imaginations of many portray writers tucked in a cozy office or nestled in the corner of a quaint coffee shop, hammering away with a thoughtful squint or crazed scowl on their faces. They toil alone and eventually hand their manuscript to their publisher after a montage of such scenes.

     My writing started in the wee hours behind a hotel reception desk. Tired…


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The Jekyll and Hyde of Writing

                Writing and rewriting are two sides of the same coin but each takes a different kind of mindset to accomplish. Most folks think of writing when they imagine what writers do; scribbling creative characters, scenes; oozing creativity onto the page into the wee hours of the night. Beginning writers dive into this effort head first and hammer away. I love…


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Why Steampunk? It's a Little Like Football

Crazy, but true; in my mind at least. Let me begin in the past... with football.

I used to enjoy it for the action, the hard hits, and the slow-motion highlights of feats impossible to appreciate with the naked eye. Over time I learned more about the strategy, and teamwork involved. Others delve deeper, with fantasy football leagues, draft parties, and the like.

So I'm a steampunk fan from way back; loved 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, and the original series Wild Wild West.…


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Before the Adventure, came the Voices

Goaded into adventure by an old friend, writer Julian Turleau invites a young inventor and his wife into his home. Their goal? Invent the first wireless communications and make their mark on world history. When fear and jealousy collide with excited pride, all hell breaks loose amidst their breakthrough.

Available from:

 Amazon Kindle, All Romance E…


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Great Music with a steampunk feel

Frenchy and the Punk, I met them at The Great Steampunk Exhibition.  A wonderful pair, living an artist's adventure, traveling and performing all over.  My table was next to theirs, they sold CD's and T-shirts, and I my book.  I wasn't expecting much from their music, then this video pops up on my facebook.  I see these two and a couple other great folks from the same event. …


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Sneak Peek Chapter Three

Sneak Peek Chapter Three

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Star Trek, Dungeons and Dragons, and the Bible; what do they have in common?

Don't run away, not just yet.  A friend suggested my blog include provocative questions.  These three are listed in chronological order as they affected my imaginative drive and my desire to tell a story.


     As a child I grew up watching Kirk and the Enterprise tackle the troubles that plagued space.  As a boy with as yet undiagnosed Asperger's Syndrome I identified so much more with Spock.  Neither Vulcan or Human he didn't fit in anywhere and he never sacrificed his own identity… Continue

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Writer's Block Surgically Removed

My writing began in February 2007.  The exact date escapes me.
When my biggest case of writer’s block broke free?  December 7th 2007. 
I remember this date very well.  I entered a hospital in Jacksonville,…

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