Indie Author Turning Heads with Upcoming Novel & Kickstarter Campaign

The world of publishing is actively changing around us. The internet is abuzz with authors favoring self-publishing their works over taking the traditional route to publication. The latest author to follow this emerging trend is debut indie author S.C. Barrus with his upcoming novel,Discovering Aberration.

Discovering Aberration is a new take on the popular steampunk genre, which take place in an alternate Victorian-era setting where steam and clockwork technology have taken hold. “Discovering Aberration is written in a nineteenth-century style similar to Jules Verne’s wit and jargon,” says Barrus. “It’s manic and mad, weaving a multi-threaded story which pushes the characters to the brink of insanity…”

Taking a creative marketing approach, Barrus has been building buzz around this project by releasing the book online for free, chapter-by–chapter, leading up to the novel’s July Kickstarter campaign. And it seems to be gathering momentum.

Using the popular Kickstarter crowd-funding platform, Barrus hopes to follow in the footsteps of successful Kickstarter-funded novels such as The Icarus Deception by Seth Godin,Steampunk Holmes by Richard Monson-Haefel, and Hollow World by Michael J. Sullivan.

Barrus is gathering some big names around the project. Already, renowned editor A. Victoria Mixon, author of The Art and Craft of Fiction and The Art and Craft of Story, has been hired as editor. Says Mixon, “Self-publishing, ebooks and the Internet are creating a new age of literature. We’re on the cusp right now. It’s fascinating. It’s electrifying. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.”

You can learn more about Discovering Aberration and follow the development of Barrus’ Kickstarter campaign on his blog, or you can start reading Discovering Aberration on Wattpad. You can learn more about Mixon on her website, A. Victoria Mixon, Editor.

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