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  IT HAS BEEN NEAR 200 YEARS SINCE THE OTHER RACES ON THE ISLAND HAD SEEN ANY SIGN OF THE DWARFS. They had last been seen just before, what has gone into history as the Great Copper War.  Though the battle itself only raged for a year and a half its results can still be found on the main island. Even now the volcano, Old Smokey, is near impossile to reach by ground.

  The battle, eruptions and earthquakes turned the ones lushes forrests into a desolate wasteland of rocks and dust scarred with numerous canyons.

  It was the mountain that started the war. It was not always a volcano, atleast thats what the historics tell us. The Dwarfs had found on one of there digs, what seemed to be the largest coppervein of all the combined islands. They claimed it as there own and started to mine it. All was well untill one day one of there mineshafts was breached by a S.A.D. a Gnomish device.

  The Gnomes had found the vein as well and, as they had not heard of the Dwarfen claim, claimed it for themself. One of there Steam Automated Diggers broke through the walls of the dwarfen mineshaft killing those who were delfing the ore.

  Once the Dwarfs heard of this they formed a militia and raided the nearby Gnome encampment, killing all they encountered. This was the beginning of the war they raged all around the mountain.  

  At some point the Dwarfs or the Gnomes, the historics werent sure, dug too deep, as the mining of the ore continued during the war to ensure enough materials for the much needed warmachines, and breached the mountains magmacore bubbling deep within the mountain causing the volcano to erupt. The nearby forrest were burned to the ground and earthquakes shook and cracked the ground.

  The other inhabitant of the island fled to there boats and hurried to the nearby islands afraid there home was soon to dissapear.

  After a year and a half the volcano calmed down and stopped spewing out its hot magma. Slowly the people returned to see what was left of there old home discovering there towns still stood. There was no sign of the Dwarfs nor the Gnomes anywhere on the island though. All that reminded them of there existence were there demolished settlements and the desolate waste that lay around the volcano. The inhabitants thought them lost during the mountains eruption and vowed never to set foot in the wastelands.


  This is atleast what the historians wrote down in there parchement books to remind all what once took place in there world. The truth is far from it though. Only one knows what really took place those 200 years ago.


  He who is called 'The Wanderer' 

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